National Chamber of Consulting Firms CNEC (Cámara Nacional de Empresas de Consultoría)



The National Chamber of Consulting Companies (in Spanish, Cámara Nacional de Empresas de Consultoría, CNEC) was born on May 22, 1985 as a consultative and collaborative body of Mexico in the development and implementation of public policies.  

In 1995, through the constitution of the funds of the consultative body and with the support of its affiliated companies was available to acquire the headquarters of the Chamber in the facilities of the World Trade Center in Mexico City, to provide support and training for the companies.
At an international level and thanks to the prestige and avant-garde knowledge of the Mexican Consultants, close relations have been created: in North America, with  consultant associations of both the United States and Canada, and at a regional level, with the Pan American Federation of Consultants, FEPAC (acronym in Spanish for Federación Panamericana de Consultores), and internationally at the prestigious International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC acronym in Spanish for Federación Internacional de Ingenieros Consultores).
Another important pillar of the Chamber has been the adherence to strict ethical conduct and the fight against corruption in all areas of national consulting, which has allowed the Chamber to be awarded several times with the "Ethics and Values in Industry" award, granted by the Confederation of Industrial Chambers, CONCAMIN (acronym in Spanish for the Confederacion de Cámaras Industriales), and with the distinction as promoter of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), by the Cemefi center for philanthropy.

A fundamental support for the tasks of dissemination of our Chamber has been the role played by the magazine Revista Consutoría Industria de Conocimiento (Consultancy Industry Knowledge Magazine),  which is the official diffusion organ of the Organized Consultancy of Mexico.

As the representative of the interests of the affiliated companies, the CNEC has actively participated in the review of public policies such as the establishment of the National Infrastructure Program, as of 2006; The Law of Public-Private Partnerships in 2012, and recently in the modification of the amendments to the Public Works and Related Services Act, to mention a few.

Thanks to its values and its permanent policies of quality, the Chamber has achieved a very important continuity, with a generational replacement and a balance of experience and promising youth for the future of the Industry. 


Alejandro Vazquez Lopez
Oscar Solis Yepez
Marco Antonio Gutierrez Huerta
Ms. Margarita Beltran Torres
Mr. Noe Becerra Alvarez
Represent the Mexican consultancy Be its voice, its presence and its opinion Promote business opportunities for its members in an area of corporate social responsibility.
Be a multidisciplinary chamber, conformed by solid companies, with quality and integrity in its services; opinion leader and information center of the Mexican consultancy.
With a national and international presence, generator of ideas and actions that contribute to the process of transformation of the country.
– Positioning and representativeness.
– Image and communication.
– Quality and technological development.
– Internal operation and partner services.

Permanent Management
–  Normative Adjustments, applicable to consulting services.
– Selection of consultants privileging the concept of selection by quality.
– Establish collaboration agreements with clients of the organized consultancy of the Country and follow up through Mixed Commissions.
– Monitoring of National content in Service Contracts.
– Documentary Certification of Companies and recognition in tenders
– Promote the development and participation in our Internal Work Groups.
– Market Study and Methodology for the Calculation of Economic Factors.
– Promotion of strategic alliances and business consortiums.
– Promote Technological Development and Training through the offer of IMDT courses.
– Achieve self-sufficiency through greater affiliation, profitable projects, sponsorships, sales of CNEC's own services.
Ethics and Values Award
Since 2002, the CONCAMIN promotes a culture of ethics and values among the Confederate organizations and their associated companies, with the conviction that Corporate Social Responsibility increases competitiveness and contributes to the improvement of society. The CNEC has received the Ethics and Values Award in the 2002, 2003, and consecutively since 2006 for standing out in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility in the category of Chambers and Associations.
• Mixed commissions The CNEC, in its capacity of consultative and collaborative body of the Mexican State in the design and implementation of public policies, establishes Mixed  Commissions of work with government agencies, both federal (such as Pemex, CFE, CONAGUA, among others) and state or municipal, integrated by public officials appointed by the agency and by representatives of the Chamber specialists in the required areas.
For this, the CNEC considers essential to formalize the strategic agreements with the organization, through the signing of Collaboration Agreements, as well as to follow up on the existing ones.
– Multiply business opportunities through the means of the Chamber: Internal Catalog; Magazine and electronic media; Business Information System of Mexico (SIEM, acronym in Spanish) and the Directory of Affiliated and Certified Companies.
– Actively participate in our work commissions to increase business opportunities.
– Representation before different governmental instances.
– Various training and education alternatives on important issues for consultants and their team of collaborators, in terms of attractive prices and availability through their training body (IMDT).
– Preferential price to perform the Documentary Certification of companies that grants certainty to the governmental sector and promotes fair competition among the guild.
– Requests for registration in CNEC and SIEM
– Constitutive Act (moral persons)
– Resume (natural persons)
– RFC and corresponding fee payment.
For more information, contact the Affiliation department of the Chamber, at (01 55) 9000.0522 to 26, ext. 106, or email:
Montecito 38, World Trade Center, 18th Floor, Office 35, Col. Napoles, Mexico City, C.P. 03810
Tel. 01 (55). to 26.